1. Medium specificity between cinema and literature

    2022-08-28 11:49:25 UTC
    Medium specificity is defined as the argument between cinema and media theatre differences. It also explores the difference between cinema and literature. This philosophy suggests that film as a medium has its property and aesthetics. This philosophy can be studied when compared to other philosophies. Medium is defined as a…

  2. Games as an Art Medium

    2022-08-27 23:42:02 UTC
    Games as an Art Medium: Critical Art Game Exhibitions in the Twenty-first Century  Alba García-Martínez,1 University of Barcelona, Spain  Games and art have coexisted, at least since the beginning of the twentieth century, as we can see in the use of the Exquisite Corpse of the Surrealists, in Duchamp’s obsession…

  3. Digital Art - The Art of Leonard Cohen

    2022-08-27 23:36:49 UTC
    Digital Art -  The art of Harold Cohen  History of New Media Art This essay is based on an artist’s choice of media to conceptualize the work’s overall impact and cultural significance. Digital Art is often grouped together with other types and called new media art.  I will describe how…

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