My name is Emily Rose Govier Honderich. I live and work in Toronto and Canmore Alberta, Canada. 

The Mediums I work with include Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Digital Illustrations, Charcoal, Knitting, Crochet,Rug Hooking,  and Weaving.  

My art related education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Media from then Ontario College of Art and Design. 

Artist Statement

Emily Honderich, was born in 1983 in Toronto, Canada. I create media artworks,paintings, and drawings.By experimenting with form and structure, I formalize the coincidental and reveal the conscious composition process behind seemingly random selections of objects. My thought processes are frequently revealed as assemblages.I consider art-making to be a craft executed by using clear rules that always refer back to social reality.I question the divide between memory and experience. I want to bring the viewer into the stream of the current moment.My works are formal but they are also poetic. My images reveal the instability of what we see as reality.The humans and objects in my work have a natural awkwardness. This creates humour and shows an individuals vulnerabilities.I want the viewer to become a component of the art.

Curriculum Vitae


2018 - 2023 Bachelor of Fine Arts - Integrated Media
Ontario College of Art and Design University
Toronto, Canada

2005 - 2006   courses toward a Bachelor of Arts
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta

2003 - 2007 courses toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts - Painting
Alberta University of the Arts (Formerly Alberta College of Art and Design) 
Calgary, Alberta 

Exhibitions  and Publications

2021 - 2021 Being Scene
Workman Arts Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2022 Expressive Arts Show
Brain Injury Society of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I also exhibited in this annual show in 2022 and 2020.

One of my paintings “ Woman on Street” was published  in The Toronto School of Art “Spring newsletter:  in 2021. 

My painting Bouquet was auctioned in the 2023 fundraiser for the Xia-Gibbs Society, USA. 

For  The Shoe Project I designed shoe illustrations, programs, and newsletters. Go to and click on any of the links to individual stories to see these illustrations

1997 Solo Exhibition
Weeds Cafe     

Activities and Memberships

2021-present Workman Arts, CAMH Toronto
2022-present Westhill United Church Toronto - volunteered for church activities and art group
2018-present Art Gallery of Ontario

2018-present Royal Ontario Museum
2018-present Gardiner Museum


Cover Design and line drawing illustration, Waterliliespublished by The Shoe Project (2023). This book contains 22 stories by young Afghan women telling of their escape from the Taliban and hiding in Islamabad while waiting to get their Canadian visas.  

Professional Experience 

2011 - 2022 Graphic Designer
The Shoe Project  

2010 - 2011: Assistant Librarian  
Toronto Star Library
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2009 - Host and Museum Clerk
Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre
Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Volunteer Work

The Brain Injury Society of Toronto from 2019 to Present
The Scott Mission  from 2022 to Present
The Bata Shoe Museum 2023 to Present

Emily  Honderich  - Copyright eRose Graohics
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