1. Use of Social Media and its Impact on Women

    2023-09-14 12:38:12 UTC
    This essay will explore the use of smartphones and the use of technology on women. This includes social media and the use of technology and the impact on their mental health. Women use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.         Evidence from various studies implicates smartphone, and…

  2. Artwork Archive Profile

    2023-09-09 17:39:52 UTC
    Please check out my new artwork archive profile here:

  3. Study of Trauma’s Essential Bodies

    2023-08-10 19:03:01 UTC
    Stevens says that trauma is poorly understood and needs to be “interrogated.” He says that trauma first came into society as an effect of railway accidents and war experiences, but it spread to mean catastrophic injuries and to the self that couldn’t be seen. He says that trauma studies need…

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