1. Artist Talk

    2022-09-20 15:35:52 UTC
    Being an artist,  I create art such as painting, sculpture, music, or crafts using conscious skill and creative imagination, and as a person skilled in any of the arts Being an artist is essential in defining myself because I can articulate my inner voice through art and tell a story…

  2. Digital Illustration

    2022-08-30 13:25:57 UTC
    The reason I chose digital illustration is that I use it often to more easily produce visually appealing art. Digital illustration has the power to speak to a lot of people. This is because it is made to be reproduced and can be rendered perfectly without losing any of its…

  3. Moving Images and Sound

    2022-08-28 11:55:39 UTC
    The synthesis of moving images and sound has progressed since the birth of video by identifying the contrasts between Avant-Garde and experimental cinema. Female filmmakers from America are further ahead than female filmmakers from Canada. There is a difference in institutions between Avant-Garde and modern art. Canadian Modernisms formed the…

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