1. Documentary Review

    2023-03-19 21:03:31 UTC
    Documentary Review Film: HISTORY AND MEMORY: FOR AKIKO AND TAKASHIGE             The video is made by a woman called Rea Tajiri and is 32 minutes long. It starts with text on a screen and describes a view from a plane of aboveground of a mother and father talking about their daughter…

  2. The Design Phase (the Model matters)

    2023-02-02 18:53:32 UTC
    The design phase: the model matters What we understand by “education” is reflected in how we carry out our work. To help illustrate this point, we’re going to look at two models, the banking model versus the spiral model.  The “banking” model of education is a part of the conservative-technocratic…

  3. Art Creates Change - Film Screening for Crossings

    2022-11-22 20:41:49 UTC
    ART CREATES CHANGE – FILM SCREENING FOR CROSSINGS OCAD University’s Faculty of Art, in partnership with the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival, presents The Kym Pruesse Speaker Series: Featuring: Deann Borshay Liem I attended Liem’s film, CROSSINGS, which is a documentary which follows a group of women peacemakers who take…

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