1. How Bodies are entangled with Social Forces

    2023-08-10 18:59:39 UTC
    Bodies come about and change and are seen as entanglements between inside and outside forces today in the 21st century. Vaccination. (The body as curable) has been rejected since COVID by some people.  Does this mean we are going backward?  The body can be unplugged or kept alive by machines…

  2. How individuals monitor and measure their mental health

    2023-08-10 18:56:51 UTC
    How Individuals Monitor and measure their mental health through quantifying their body in the age of personal devices  Mobile and wearable digital devices connected to Web applications can monitor and measure our bodies. We, as consumers, can take note of the health data and share it with doctors. The health…

  3. Significance of the Mask

    2023-08-10 18:53:09 UTC
    Masks are useful devices that allow actors to play several different characters, including those of different genders. The masks are seen in a way a face was stylized to protect the soul and emotion of their nature. The film coded bias fights to expose the discrimination within algorithms which are…

Emily  Honderich  - Copyright eRose Graohics
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