How Bodies are entangled with Social Forces

Bodies come about and change and are seen as entanglements between inside and outside forces today in the 21st century. Vaccination. (The body as curable) has been rejected since COVID by some people.  Does this mean we are going backward?  The body can be unplugged or kept alive by machines.  This, too is being questioned by movements like death with Dignity and assisted dying.  Many people don’t necessarily want the body to be kept alive. And now, in our century, we consider intersectionality. Intersectionality describes the effects of discrimination when an individual fits into more than one social group or category. These categories include race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. For example, discrimination against women is more significant when a woman is disabled. Groupings illuminate how bodies are shaped, used, represented, and managed (such as a thin white woman).  Intersectionality was not considered until the last few decades.

It also discusses the Social Constructs of Race, Gender, Sexuality, Ability, and Nationality and how they embody power relations. Which allows the individual to show How We Use, Shape, Visualize, And Show Our Body. Society defines certain bodies as “Different.” Powerful ones rank above the “Different” ones. “Different” is seen as Not White or Male. Race, Gender, and an individual’s ability are the categories. Fitness/Fatness of the body is another category society uses to judge bodies as attractive versus unattractive. 

Emily  Honderich  - Copyright eRose Graohics
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